Scottish Dancing in Newcastle and District


We are the Newcastle & District Branch of the Royal Scottish Country Dance Society, promoting the traditions of Scottish Country Dancing in the North-East of England.  We cover the area from Morpeth in the north to Durham in the south and from Hexham to the east coast.

We offer :

DANCES - every month except August you can dance to well-known Scottish Dance bands, usually on a Saturday night.  All these dances are informal except the Highland Ball in November.


CLASSES - if you’ve never tried Scottish Country Dancing or haven’t danced for a while, there are classes for all ages and different abilities throughout the region.  





Join us on 9th October for a Step Workshop at 2pm in the afternoon in Ovingham

followed by an Informal Dance at 7pm  in the evening at Heddon-on-the-Wall


More details of this and other Scottish Dancing events in the Newcastle area, are on the events page.



Details of adult and childrens’ classes in the Newcastle

area are on the classes page.



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New Branch PayPal account

Many people have asked about how they can contribute to the Branch, especially to support the Zoom classes we run. So we now have a PayPal account which you can use to make donations. So, if you do attend any of our classes or if you would just like to support the Branch with its work to promote and develop Scottish Dancing, please do consider making a donation